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Mirka Hernandez
Mirka Hernandez, also known as Mirkizzle (that's her name don't wear it out), is the editor for the sports page and is also a senior at Poinciana High School. She loves to eat tacos and is often mistaken for being Asian instead of Mexican. She's a food lover at heart and has an obsessive addiction for Hot Cheetos. One of her dreams is to be in a food eating contest. One of her greatest fears is becoming a hobo. She loves to play soccer, run cross country and track and ironically play couch potato. Her ultimate favorite movie is Spirited Away and her favorite things to do are play soccer, cuddle with her boyfriend and eat. When she gets older, she hopes to pursue her goals in the business field.  I am Mirka Hernandez and i approve this message.

Mirka Hernandez, Reporter

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