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2017-2018 Staff

Kevin Nauth


Kevin T. Nauth is a junior at Poinciana High, his exceptional experience along with serious and comedic attributes makes him the perfect reporter to get the job done! His hobbies apart from making money include, researching (ways...

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Kaylynn Merriweather


As a first time newspaper writer for The Point, Kaylynn Merriweather aspires to captivate an audience and invoke deeper thought through detailed and informative stories, such as which toppings on pizza is the best. Thankfully,...

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Malik Morris


Malik Morris, a senior at Poinciana High School, is a new reporter for The Point. He was born in Brooklyn, but considers Kissimmee his homeland. In his spare time, Malik enjoys watching interviews with his favorite artists, list...

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Solana Pimental


Solana Pimentel, who is 16-years-old, enjoys being a part of Poinciana's varsity volleyball and participating in the CTE nursing assistance program. Solana loves to write creatively, listen to music in her free time and enjoy...

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Cheyenne Lawhorn


Junior Cheyenne Lawhorn, who is 16-years-old, has been a part of The Point Newspaper team for two years now. She enjoys writing and is very open minded when it comes to other's writing. She has a cat and two dogs and her cat...

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Kathryn Hunter


Kathryn Hunter is a 16-year-old student at Poinciana High School and part of The Point. This is her first year on newspaper, however, she has experience writing in the journalism one class last year. She hopes to bring in great...

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Aaliyah Baez


Aaliyah Baez is currently a sports reporter for the Poinciana High School yearbook. Aaliyah is enrolled in her first yearbook class and is very excited to work on this year's book. She is a sophomore and an athlete on the Poinciana...

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Aramis E. Khodaverdi


Aramis E. Khodaverdi is one out of three sport's reporter's. He is also one of our photographers and digital arts designers for the yearbook. In his spare time, he is a musician who composes his own music and plays seven different...

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Katheryn Torres


Katheryn Torres Is a sports reporter for the yearbook. Katheryn Torres is also the operations officer in the NJROTC Unit at Poinciana High School. She enjoys the ROTC program because it has taught to have confidence in herself...

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Keiree Rodriguez


Keiree Rodriguez is a student life reporter for the yearbook at Poinciana High School. Keiree is a sophomore and is taking her second year of journalism, and is very excited for what she will be doing this year. Keiree loves taking...

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Gabriella Yepes


Gabriella Yepes is now attending her senior year at Poinciana High School. This is Gabriella's second year in journalism and she's very excited to work on this year's yearbook, especially since its being her senior year. Gabriella...

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Jadiel Galloza


Jadiel Galloza, also known as Jay, is a clubs reporter for Poinciana High School’s 2017-2018 yearbook. Jadiel is a sophomore and is in his second year in the journalism program. He was born in Miami and is ready to show the...

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Amneris Santos

Editor in Chief

Amneris Santos is the editor in chief of the 2018 yearbook. She has been on the yearbook staff for two years and is currently a senior. She enjoys playing the piano and reading books. She likes to bake and cook at home, especially...

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Zara Snyder


Zara Snyder is an electives news reporter at Poinciana High School. She's currently a Sophomore and has been devoted to journalism ever since she started her Freshman year. She was born in Orlando, but is a proud Filipino. Not...

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Haley Causey


Haley Causey is a sophomore and a photographer for the yearbook. She was born in Virginia Beach, Va. She is passionate about taking pictures and heavily follows after her mother, who is a photographer.  On Friday afternoons,...

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Shana Greene


Shana Greene is an electives reporter for Poinciana High School’s 2018 yearbook. Shana is a sophomore and this is her second year in the journalism program. Other than journalism, Shana is involved in athletics after school....

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Arthur Welch


Arthur Welch is currently a seventeen-year-old senior working for The Point. He has a drive to succeed and plans to applies that to working for the school newspaper. In his free time, Arthur enjoys listening to and writing about...

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Kali Ortiz


Seventeen-year-old senior Kali Ortiz is a first time writer for The Point. She hopes to bring her positive attitude and creativity to The Point. She loves to try new things and meet new people. Writing is one of the many things...

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Freddie Fraticelli


Freddie Fraticelli, also known as "The Roach King", is a 17 or 18-year-old senior who is part of the journalism staff at Poinciana High School. After two tedious years away from his people due to diplomatic reasons, Freddie hopes...

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Zachary Prados


Zachary Prados is a writer for The Point. He's been writing for years and is excited to bring that skill to the forefront. In his spare time, he writes scripts and short stories, collects vinyl records, plays video games, and...

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Leonor-Rose Walsh-Ortiz


Leonor-Rose Walsh-Ortiz is 17 years old and was born in Massachusetts. She has a love for the color pink and Chick Fil A. In addition to being a reporter for The Point, she is a member of color guard and dances as extracurricular...

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Rebecca Ellis


Rebecca Ellis is a Poinciana sophomore and a reporter for The Point. She enjoys scuba diving, environmentalism, photography, Marvel comics, and doing absolutely nothing. Proficient in memes, she often substitutes making memes...

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Sebastian Viloria


Sebastian Viloria, also known as Fez, is a 19-year-old senior who works at The Point for Poinciana High School. Previously, in intro to journalism last year, he learned to do small corrections and interviewing techniques. He will...

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Diego Drijas


Diego Drijas is a PHS senior and reporter at The Point. He’s a soccer enthusiast and music lover. He has several hobbies, like gaming and playing guitar. He was born in Venezuela and moved to Poinciana in 2015 to seek a better...

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Marvin Mainer


Marvin Mainer is the Career and Technical Education reporter for the yearbook at Poinciana High School. Marvin is a veteran member of the yearbook staff, as this is his third year in the journalism program. He happily takes photos...

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Melinn Lanier

Editor in Chief

Senior Melinn Lanier is the editor in chief of The Point. After working for three years to earn the coveted title, Melinn is more than happy to fill the position. Taking on the staff’s highest leadership role will be no trouble...

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