Summer jobs add experience, work ethic to earning money

Paola Andujar, Reporter

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This summer is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash. A summer job does not only give you spending money, any part-time job, in general, would look really great on your college resume if you’re planning on attending college, or on your job resume if you’re planning on going straight into a career.

Colleges are impressed when they notice you’ve been working, it shows a sign of character. It shows you can multitask. But a summer job is perfect, it represents that you like to keep busy and you can sacrifice a bit of your summer vacation to work.

A lot of summer jobs can include; being a lifeguard, working in a small shop or food restaurant, helping out at a local store or working at a summer camp.

Here’s what a few students said what it was like to have a summer job.

Anthony Molina, Sophomore

Q: Have you ever had a summer job, if so where?

A: “Yes, and I worked with my dad in construction.”


Q: How was it, what was it like?

A: “Hard work.”


Q: Was it effective? Did you learn anything?

A: “Yes, I got to learn a lot of things that would potentially help me with my future career.”


Demetrius Montero, Sophomore


Q: Have you ever had a summer job, if so where?

A: “Yes I have, it’s called the Academy of Martial Arts across Home Depot and what I did there was, during the weekdays I took care of the kids and during the afternoon when we got back from the park for a field trip I helped teach class, and on Saturdays, I cleaned.”


Q: How was it?

A: “It was annoying, well dealing with the kids on the weekdays was annoying but cleaning the place on Saturdays was calm.”


Q: Was it effective, did you learn anything?

A: “It was effective, I can’t say I learned anything, I’ve been doing that for four or five years.”


These students took time out of their summer vacation to work, even if it was to help out a family member or watch over kids at a summer camp. It was effective and helpful for their future.


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