Ea(RN) a rewarding career by becoming a Registered Nurse

Aubrey Garcia, Reporter

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This is the second article in our Career Highlight Series.

In the first article of our Career Highlights Series, readers were given the opportunity to read about the benefits of a career in physical therapy. However, though PT is an interesting career, there are still many other options to pursue if you’re still looking for your calling. For example, a profession that is gaining in popularity recently is a registered nurse, also known as an RN. An RN is a nurse who attends all of the proper schooling and programs that a regular nurse does not.
For example, RNs have to partake in a nursing program, obtain a Bachelor’s degree, and still meet the specific experience requirements of their state or country. The job of a registered nurse is very broad. There are so many attributes that they are a part of, rather than being set to do one specific task. There are a variety of different skill sets needed for this career. Heading into the field, RNs will treat patients at almost the same level as a physician, as well as assisting the doctor assigned to the patient.
RNs are tasked with taking vitals, administering medication to patients and watch over and monitor patients as they go through the recovery process. They will also be explaining to patients and their families about risk factors, information about their case, and descriptions of what actions the doctor will be taking moving forward, as well as giving clear information about their illness.
A registered nurse is similar to a regular nurse. However, they have more responsibilities along with more schooling. Other than being interactive with their patients and assisting the physician, registered nurses file paperwork and keep patient files in order. They also oversee the actions and assign tasks to regular nurses.
Registered nurses make anywhere from $21/hour to $45/ hour based on performance and the decision of their employer. Just like physical therapy, being a registered nurse is a very rewarding career. Taking someone who is sick maybe even dying, and going through the process of taking their vitals, running tests, diagnosing them, assisting with coming up with a solution, and finally going through the process of recovery. That is something to feel great about, don’t you agree?
If you don’t know what you should be doing after high school, or in your future, looking into becoming an RN is the right choice for you. However, if it isn’t what interests you, there are so many options not just limited to the medical field. Your options are limitless so open up your mind, log onto the internet and start letting your mind explore all of those possibilities. Who knows, you might be surprised about what you may find.

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