Running down a dream, Jackson takes the first step

PHS senior earns full-ride track scholarship to Keiser University.

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Running down a dream, Jackson takes the first step

Angelique Cuadrado, Reporter

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Shyann Jackson is a senior at Poinciana High. Recently, Jackson’s abilities on the Eagles’ track team earned her a full-ride scholarship to Keiser University. Jackson plans on majoring in exercise science to become a physical therapist.

“With getting this scholarship, it opened a whole new opportunity to pursue what I want to be,” Jackson said.

Jackson is very committed to school and is always doing what needs to be done. It is very hard to juggle school and her outside life, but she manages to do that while succeeding athletically and earning a scholarship. Jackson claims focusing on her running is the best part of her day. Running track is one of her passions. She loves running because it is an escape to her from whatever is going on in her world.  

“Track helps me clear my mind and forget about all the negative things that are going on in my life,” Jackson exclaims.

Jackson’s ultimate goal is to go faster, higher and stronger while competing in the Olympics. She is going to train harder than ever and stay dedicated to what she loves so she can pursue her dreams. To Jackson, being able to watch the Olympics was one of the biggest reasons she joined track. One of her teachers in the third grade saw how fast Jackson was able to run and suggested that she should try out for track. 

Jackson is on her way to becoming a really big success. She is one of the seniors that is actually putting in the work that needs to be done in order to become what they want or dream to be. Getting a full ride scholarship is a really big advantage that very few students get to achieve. Jackson is one of the few that get to do what they have always dreamed about. 

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