The Mysteries of Easter Revealed

Easter eggs? Easter Bunny? Where did it all come from?

Skylynn Deleon, Reporter

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Oh Easter, the holiday filled with dyed egg, decorative baskets, and the infamous Easter bunny. But frequent questions are asked around this time such as, “Where does the name “Easter” exactly come from,” “What is the meaning of Easter eggs,” and “How did it start?”

Easter’s origins are a little unknown because there isn’t an exact day or event that specifically marked the day of Easter, but the holiday is considered to many Christians a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. When it comes to the name however, many speculate the name “Easter” is from the goddess of spring, Eostre.

Now, Easter eggs are a different story. In many cultures, the Easter egg is considered a symbol for a new life. The people in these cultures would use eggs to celebrate life since it was a symbol of fertility. But the real question about the Easter holiday that many have wondered is, “What does the Easter bunny exactly have to do with Easter?” Again, there isn’t a clear reason why the Easter Bunny symbolizes the holiday, but some have said since Eostre is the goddess of spring and nature, it correlates back to her. Although some information is still unclear, we can all agree that Easter is a holiday made up of two things – joy and jelly beans.

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