PHS looking toward the future, not buried in the past

Angelique Cuadrado, Columnist

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Poinciana High School has changed drastically in so many ways. Poinciana went from being a D school to a C school. Slowly, things are starting to improve in the school. Once Poinciana got a new principal, the school has improved in many things. The students now have more benefits and have been given privileges.

Poinciana is a very open school. The students have gone to the teachers to help them out and express themselves to teachers about not only what happens at school, but also their personal life, and daily struggles. More often than not, students have it hard and need that little extra push that the teachers at Poinciana are here providing for them.

“Our school has improved by improving academically and allowing the students to be more open, and free with everyone,” said Amanda Mendez.

The teachers at Poinciana make learning fun and easy for students.

Stephanie Grendell, an English teacher at Poinciana states, “Students are way more invested in their education, and it really makes a difference.”

If you ask certain parents about Poinciana, they will state only negative aspects about the school. In reality, the parents are only looking at the school from a past perspective. Parents need to look at Poinciana from the current vantage point.

“Our reputation is better, we didn’t have the best reputation, and now we have a 93% passing rate for our graduates to college,” Grendell said.

Poinciana has so many privileges like construction, automotive, AVID, National Honors Society, culinary, Drivers Ed, ASCEND, and many more.

The teachers at Poinciana High will freely give students advice about any situation they are going through.

“Many of the teachers can relate to what we have gone through and it is comforting to know that I am not alone,” Mendez exclaimed.

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