Family atmosphere key to Eagles’ baseball success

Angelique Cuadardo, Reporter

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Baseball is not one of the most recognized sports out there. People should start recognizing the sport more. Baseball is not as easy as it looks, it is actually very hard. Poinciana High School’s luckily makes it look easy.

The Eagles’ baseball team has optimism that they are going to do good this year, with the most improvement happening toward the middle of the season.

“(We’re) Very confident. We have a lot of talent, most of the boys play year-round, and not just in school,” coach Derek Petrangeli said. “The team’s talents aren’t bad, they just need to know the baseball smarts.”

Most of the players get in more work after practice is over. They learn from their mistakes and improve themselves. They are more organized as a team. The team and the coaches are very close as a family, says Bryan Montalvo.

“I see them as the family, we play together, but as the family they could get annoying,” he claims.

Petrangeli agrees.

“We are close, and I have that personality that I think personally that I could relate to them,” Petrangeli said.

Petrangeli chose to become a baseball coach and he wants to give them the gift of playing as a team and letting them “play the best game that was ever created.”

With the students being close with the coaches; it has changed by making them want to work harder and have inspired them to become the best they possibly can.

“They put a lot of effort into making this program and I appreciate them,” said Montalvo.

The coaches make the environment comfortable and welcoming to the students. The baseball team and coaches are very humble, and they always have each other’s back.


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