Third quarter a make-or-break time for students, teachers

Getting back into the groove after winter break challenging for everyone in the classroom.

Paola Andujar, Columnist

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School can be tough with just maintaining good grades and being a part of the many after-school activities. But I have noticed that the third quarter has been the hardest for students to return to the grind of academics.

The third quarter is right after winter break, and I believe this is a huge factor in why it’s hard for the students, and maybe even possibly the teachers, to get back on track. It seems as though they have gotten used to the idea of having a lot of time off that third quarter is like a slap in the face, totally unprepared and just wanting it to be over. I wanted to test my theory and ask some students what they thought about it.

When Emilio Ramos, a freshmen, was asked, he seemingly disagreed.

“I feel like the last quarter is [the hardest] though because you want to get into a good class and for that to happen you need to get good grades,” Ramos said.

Doel Montes, a sophomore agreed with the third quarter being the most challenging quadrant of the year.

“I would agree since now we’re getting closer to testing and I feel that teachers are trying to put as much content into our brains and make us learn more quickly,” Montes claimed.

This seems to be an interesting topic that people can disagree on. To me, the third quarter is the hardest quarter to concentrate. Coming back from winter break, it seems our minds and bodies are used to the idea of a vacation and coming back to school is like a wakeup call that we are not ready to handle.

It’s also the quarter before testing. Therefore teachers will try to push their students even more, to get their class material down before student’s brains are overcome with standardized testing.

The third quarter can also be hard for teachers; having to deal with fidgety students on a daily basis can’t be easy. But now after the break, we seem to be even more difficult to work with. We start to slack on our work and grades.

In conclusion, the third quarter is a make-it or break-it period. You can do great – or you can fall behind. It all depends. But it definitely is not a walk in the park.

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