Scheduling marks the start of the upcoming school year

With 2018-2019 almost in the books, students prepare for next year.

Johvan Merilus, Reporter

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As the school year starts to wind down, teachers and students alike start looking toward next year. Scheduling for classes next year has already begun. This is where students will be brought up to speak with counselors and discuss what classes they will choose for the 2019-2020 academic year.

As students go into the room and sit down with the counselors, they will begin the conversation on what classes are being taken now and what the student would like to take next year. This is based on the students’ current grades, graduation requirements and desires.

When speaking to the counselors students can request a class they desire. If a student is involved in AVID, then they will have a worksheet based on current classes that give them options of potential classes or classes chosen to take next year based on progress.

Along with that comes with how beneficial will the class be to the student and allow an opportunity for success. When scheduling takes place, students will be called through the day using grade level and meeting with your counselor which is assigned by the first letter of your last name. The day schedule takes place to make sure to know what classes you would like to take and at what level.

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