A Classroom on Wheels?

PHS Construction crew challenged to build mobile learning vehicle for Miami students

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A Classroom on Wheels?

Angelique Cuadrado, Reporter

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Construction teacher Irwin Inwood and his students are working together to build a bus into a classroom. Their goal is to finish the bus in February and send it off to Miami when they are done. Many people in Miami either are too busy to go to school or the soon-to-be students just simply can’t afford to go to school. Inwood hopes the classroom on wheels alleviates some of these issues.
When doing construction on the bus, the students are going to remove the bus seats. When they are done with that, they will lay the platform on the bus. Next, the students are going to rig the bus with electrical outlets and the lights. Then they are going to input an air conditioning system on the bus, so the windows won’t be opened. The PHS students will then construct the seats out of wood and then put cushion them. Finally, in goes the plumbing, so the Miami students will have an area to use the bathroom.
It will literally be a classroom on wheels.
The students that are helping build the classroom on the bus are the advanced students that Inwood has shaped so far. The construction program gets paid for them to get the material they need to do these types of “projects.”
Inwood says that it is another one of the advanced students’ “challenges” that they need to acquire.
“The benefits are for the students because it gives them another chance. I try to have at least one or two challenges a year,” said Inwood. “The more chances the students get, the better are their chances to become successful.”
Inwood says that they will learn a lot from this project because “they have to do electrical and they have to do a lot of serious carpentry. They will be gaining all these skills because it has a lot of thought process behind all of it. Everything has to fit and work perfectly, and if it doesn’t then the whole process gets messed up. The whole process of putting this classroom together will take about two months.”
The bus is a mobile classroom that will take the students to different places each day that will help them learn. Kids that usually don’t learn will get the chance to learn. The mobile classroom will be utilized for tutoring the Miami students. The hope is that with a place to study, the students will be able to read and write better because of the bus.
By the time the Poinciana students finish with the construction, most of them will have a job right after they graduate from high school. If the students choose to pursue other vocations, building the bus will still give them life skills that will still benefit them because they will then know the things they need to know, and they will have that knowledge later when they need it.


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