Privilege, Power, and Difference – What’s the difference between right and wrong?

Vianna Lee, Columnist

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Understanding the difference between a person’s privilege and right is important. I believe that an individual should know the fact of one’s word choice and maintain an accurate and precise vocabulary. Precision is a key value to have and is usually improperly used. One word that is used imprecisely is the word “right”. The word right has an obligation to which a person is morally bound to something which is often missed used, yet must be used precisely because of the power this particular word holds.  The words “privilege” and “right” have an entirely different meaning.

The word privilege is commonly used as a synonym for right, but the two words have distinct meanings. To have privilege is to own a cell phone or stay up late and watch movies. It is not a right. That was something achieved or earned that was given by someone or something such as parents with some price they had to pay.

A right is something that an individual gets that is natural or inherited. It is yours and you were born with it. Since it is inherent to every individual a right is universal. No government can grant is and no government should desecrate an individual’s rights. A right is something that was given to you, not by someone else, and should not be eligible to be taken away from you, it shows a sense of purpose and what others are not able to do.

A privilege is something that was given to an individual by someone else. It is something you can be rewarded or grant. It is usually something that precise people have and not others. Some people go to college for free while others have to pay. A privilege is something that is granted or received by another person.

I believe in exactitude. If the world would learn to become more precise and exact with their word choices then confusion and confliction will be eliminated. The subject privilege will be discussed accordingly.

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