Automotive a chance for students to get real-world experience

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Automotive a chance for students to get real-world experience

Angelique Cuadrado, Reporter

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Poinciana High School offers so many chances to further their education in what they desire. Automotive is one of those many opportunities.

“This class will give you a career opportunity other than college,” says automotive instructor Randall Beeken.

While in automotive class, students do bookwork based solely on suspension and brake systems. The students get a lot of hands-on opportunities with cars in the shop, as well. The students get real hands-on experience as people who bring in their cars to get fixed have to buy their own parts and give it to the students to fix their car.

“The best thing about automotive is having a hands-on learning experience while working with a car,” said senior Yariel Mendez. “Having a learning experience is very beneficial when it comes to being stranded on a highway and not knowing what to do.”

There are long-term benefits to the students, states sophomore Kaden DeJesus.

“When I get out of high school, I can then know how to do certain things on cars that I wouldn’t learn anywhere else,” states DeJesus.

Mendez’s favorite thing about automotive is to come to class to work on cars and watching how everything comes back together just to watch it function correctly. DeJesus wants to become a diesel mechanic because he loves the satisfaction that he gets when he works on a car to help someone out.

Automotive has its own unique qualities and everyone there is like a family. They have to be able to work together and have a good connection with people in order to communicate with each other when they fix a car.

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