Finally! PHS soccer ends 20-year district drought

Eagles' 3-1 win over Hardee sends team to regionals for first time since 1997.

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Finally! PHS soccer ends 20-year district drought

Daneris Juarbe, Reporter

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Poinciana’s boys’ soccer team are now district champions and everyone in Poinciana is proud of them for everything they’ve accomplished. After winning 3-1 against Hardee in the title game, the Eagles are district champions for the first time since 1997, ending a 20-year drought.

“I believe that the boys just wanted to make their mark on history. We’ve had to deal with lots of obstacles this season and much resistance,” said coach Daniel Joyner “Luckily, that resistance has made us a better team. We’ve told the boys to go out and just play and win for themselves.”

The Eagles will now be going to regional playoffs this week. If the Eagles continue their success, the state championships await.

As assistant coach Nicholas Devore has been telling the team – “We just got to stay focused on the task at hand. We’ve already left our mark on history and so anything after this is just the icing on the cake.”

Joyner agrees with the sentiment.

“If we go out and play our game, as a team, then I know that some good things can happen,” said Joyner.

Everyone at Poinciana is looking forward to future games and celebrating more wins with the team.

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