Two out of three ain’t bad as Eagles best rival Chargers

Battle of the Boulevard won by the good guys as JV and Varsity dominate Liberty

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Two out of three ain’t bad as Eagles best rival Chargers

Johvan Merilus, Reporter

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HOOPING WITH THE EAGLES PART 2: Unplugging the Liberty Chargers

When it comes to taking dubs that’s all it is with the Poinciana Eagles. In a three-game series, both teams, Poinciana and Liberty, took the tradition to the next level for battling it out in the Battle of The Boulevard. Going back-to-back, the 3 teams came at each creating a wave where it’s a must-see showdown between the rivals who have been at war since the beginning both opened up from each other. In every sports Battle of the Boulevard is where the school who dominates is superior in that category of athletics and takes the victory with bragging rights.


In a struggling matchup against the “Duffyfam” which is the code name amongst the freshman over at LHS, it started off badly and ended worse than how the young Eagles how expected or wanted. From the tip, it seemed like the Chargers took advantage of every single flaw that the young ones of PHS showed throughout the game.  PHS was struggling to pass the ball efficiently along with taking the necessary shots to keep them afloat. But as the fourth quarter started, the Eagles of Poinciana came back swinging, but, eventually, the curtain closed on the window of opportunity. Suffering from a 53-43 loss, the Eagles were shaken up, but the experience humbled the young ones to realize the game is all about choices and how you execute.


As the freshmen took the loss for the night, it sparked a sense of urgency for the JV players to come in and even the score with the Chargers. From the tip, the Eagles soared toward any chance given to put themselves ahead of their rivals. The JV put its foot on the gas and never let up in a 62-48 victory over its archrivals.
From the effort of key strategies came the result of dominance. PHS kept pulling down rebounds, flying down the court and scored frequently to suffocate any chances of Liberty’s JV squad getting a victory.

Throughout the game, it was clear that the PHS JV hit the court with a vengeance. The team performed efficiently with no major problems at all. The game became laughable to the point where in the last five minutes the Eagles’ defense caused a number of Charger turnovers, quelling any chance Liberty had of making a comeback.


Crowds of people began to start rushing in for the main attraction that was the talk of the week. Varsity basketball’s ‘’BATTLE OF THE BOULEVARD”. This is where both teams were given the chance to topple the other and put themselves at the summit of who runs the court and block when it comes to basketball. From the jump, it was just a constant battle of scoring on both sides just going at it and having everyone jumping out of their seats.

As soon as the referee blew the whistle PHS took off by causing and forcing turnovers in the first quarter and just going straight for the head of the basket. Let’s give credit where credit is due for LHS was for sure not no pushovers yet were destined for the same faith they’ve had for 3 now going on to 4 years of being dominated by PHS.

Certain players from that varsity team were the key to success such as star player and senior Reggie Mesidor who leading the team on the court by contributing big plays, turnovers, points and of course the most famous play of the night from the young star………..them ankles though. But along with Meisdor came Patrick Usher who was a just a strong force in solidifying the defense and coming through to help execute plays within the paint. Anthony Duncan go into the act, doing the most with the 3-point jumpers and downing.

Though these three were the heart, soul, and spirit of the team there was one other player who made a difference when the team was in a tight position. Jahsean Corvette was a bad man coming in clutch.

Overall the game was a great experience due to both sides of PHS and LHS, but what’s really important was the Eagles downing the Chargers and letting them know what it and how it was going be every time they challenge mighty Poinciana.


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