Give the gift of giving this holiday season

Spending is a traditional part of the holidays. Just make sure to do it wisely.

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Give the gift of giving this holiday season

Aubrey Garcia, Reporter

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Let’s get real. In the span of a year, people spend a lot of money. Whether it be on bills, everyday necessities, or even just going out. However, spending rates spike dramatically during holidays especially Christmas.

During the holidays, and in this case Christmas, people get more generous than they are at any other time of year. Christmas is the time of giving, so people tend to overspend on gifts for their loved ones.

People also tend to overspend on Christmas decorations such as Christmas trees, ornaments, tree skirts, tree stars, and lights. There are also outside decorations consisting of blow up yard festivities (reindeer, snowmen, Santas, maybe even elves). People also get strings of lights to place along the border of their roofs and outside walls. Many times they even get stringed lights to twirl around trees in the front or backyards. You will even see people go as far as to buy and set up Christmas trees to fill the entire area of their front yards.

This major spending is great for businesses that produce holiday supplies, and it is even great for other popular companies such as the many trending clothing and shoe companies among the new age youth. Electronics are also highly-sought after during the Christmas season, more specifically, brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Beats Audio. People buy the newest phones, laptops, wireless headphones, even the trendy new ‘Ear Pods’.

Not only do electronics get the great sell out rates, but the cosmetic industry sells many products. The most targeted brands include Narz, Mallani, Benefit, Two-Faced, and Sephora. Many people buy tons of box set makeup packages that begin to add up in price giving the company a high-profit percentage. Not only do they buy these products, but they also buy pairing items such as makeup brushes, brush cases, cleaning products, beauty sponges, and even traveling cases or bags.

Sure many people buy these items every day, but since it is the holidays, people tend to spend double, even triple of what they would normally spend in order to make those special members of your life smile a little brighter and be a little cheerier.

Despite the amount of money going toward gifts, this is not all that is financially contributed. Many people celebrate the holidays with big family meals.  These can be prepared homemade using individual bought ingredients, or they can be purchased from catering companies or restaurants for larger groups of people attending bigger functions such as parties or a get-together. Buying food for holidays often leads to giving more generous amounts and more expensive options of food for the occasion. This price hop is great for local caterers, grocery stores, and even fast food or sits down food establishments.

The holidays are a time for being extra generous, having a kinder heart, and even spending a little more on those special people in your life. This is not limited to individual people. Donations can be given to associations such as ‘Give Kids The World,’ an association dedicated to giving to those children who are ill and need of a little bit of happiness. Spending during the holidays isn’t something to stress about. It is a normal urge that people feel they must carry out. Happy Holidays and remember to give to those you hold dear. A good dead is never forgotten.

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