Net Neutrality a long-lasting issue

Adrian Marerro, Reporter

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Back in 2015, the Obama administration instituted rules making all internet traffic to be treated the same. The Trump administration abolished those rules on June 11, 2018.

On September 30th, California’s political leaders attempted to restore the Obama era rules to rebuke Trump’s decision, but the Federal Justice Department instantly filed a lawsuit to prevent the law from taking effect. The case at the moment is going through the federal court.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, who sided with the FCC before said, “Consumers should be able to connect any devices to a network that they want…”

Stephenson thinks the internet should be used by anyone and it should be open to anyone and believes no internet provider should sell their consumers data or throttle their speed. With how unfortunate this sounds, it would be way too complicated for internet services to follow different net neutrality rules in all 50 states.

Even though the FCC repealed net neutrality rules, it hasn’t brought much of a change yet. But over time, things can change drastically, but depending on what you believe, it could be a benefit or a misfortune.

One of the things that could affect you is that internet providers could slow down your internet speed for certain websites but not others. For example, your internet provider might slow down Netflix to promote their own streaming service.

Student Caleb Gonzalez believes the protesting about net neutrality with do nothing to repeal the law.

“No, Congress could care less about the stuff we do,” Gonzalez said. “Obviously, (I side with) Obama era rules. I don’t see any benefit from this happening and it really sucks we have no say in this.”

Other students believed that the new law will be a detriment for years to come.

“For the most part, yes. Throttling my internet speed (would be because) slow speeds suck,” said student Thomas Rodriguez.

Even after all this, People are still protesting against repealing net neutrality. On November 29th, activists and tech companies held an internet day of action to save the Obama era rules.

On December 10th, Congress will vote to reverse the FCC repeal and preserve net neutrality.

Hopefully, then they will reverse the repeal to save us from this conflict.


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