Teachers the key to quality education

Teachers set the tone in the classroom, at the front lines of educating the future.

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Teachers the key to quality education

Vianna Lee, Reporter

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Regardless of the career choice or pathway that could be beyond imagination, a profound education foundation should be vital. And those whose profession has helped the people of tomorrow don’t get much credit.

Teachers at all levels, from elementary to college, play an important role in the foundation of knowledge, motivation and emotional support of each and every person they teach. In our democratic society, maintaining our status is hard and teachers play a vital role in an effective education that should be seen as a civil right. The frontlines of achieving quality education start with teachers.

“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students,” stated American politician Solomon Ortiz.

A teacher is given guidelines and a curriculum they must follow, share, and ensure their students are retaining the curriculum. Most teachers are given the same curriculum, yet their teaching style may be different. There are many ways to teach knowledge to students including lectures, small group activities, and hands-on learning activities.

The Global Partnership of Education was founded resolutely with the principles of developing the effectiveness of our education systems that regard the government decisions.  Donors, international organizations, teacher organizations, the GPE Fund, civil society organizations and etc. All help provide, support and enable the national system. The conduct of the government and colleagues greatly affect the role of teachers. While teachers being responsible for the foundation of knowledge in every student, the engagement of the government and its partners are also very crucial and that is why their policies are critical.

A great teacher can help increase the knowledge of the student while also helping them obtain the mastery of the subject. A teacher should have complete control of the classroom and keep everything organized. Pertaining to the classrooms, the atmosphere is important with a caring, respectful, loving environment. Communication should be appreciated because the relationship between student and teacher is crucial for student motivation and positive influence and achievements in everything.

Every teacher is different, all moods range from very distant to extremely social. Some are very well organized and others hectic. Teachers’ actions are often mimicked by students and that is why the attitude toward teachers must change. The main problem between teacher and student is the direct behavior. If the student is fully motivated by the teacher, the energy expressed from the student should gradually increase, which will allow the student to finish one’s task without hesitation.

Disruptive behavior is caused when a student is unmotivated to do some in-class activities or assignments. When a student is forced to do such tasks, it results in the student not retaining anything at all, causing zero improvements and decreased motivation.

Even so, many children have grown into adults with no education all around the world. Education should be available to every one of all ages, anywhere. Above all, if the teacher has a negative effect on the student’s motivation for learning, there is a great need for improvement.

The goal of the Board of Education and our governments should be that every child gets a proper education. The Global Partnership for Education has an intention for every child that, “Education should be available to every child in every village. To every poor child in every village, and not just the privileged few. That’s our goal,” according to its website.

This goal is important and should be appreciated by every adult in every country if they want to not only leave a great legacy in their country but to ensure a great future for their children and families and in others.

Teaching can be one thing, but getting a child to sit in a classroom or anywhere and keep their focus can be hard. The hardest and most critical part is making sure they are actually learning and retaining the work.

In the article, “Wanted: Trained Teachers to Ensure Every Child’s Right to Primary Education,” it shows that to obtain a universal primary education by 2030, 27.3 million new teachers need to be recruited.

American education has a lot of attributes and values that its students should be proud of. They are taught to live in a society full of diversity and as one. Their education is free for all students and there are very few faults in the system that can be changed.

What teachers do shouldn’t have to be stated. Teachers are extraordinary and their dedication should be rewarded. The welfare, progress, and prosperity of the nations are highly affected by teachers.

It is believed that the educational system of any country can provide the guarantee of success and prosperity for their nations. For this reason, it is an import that our nation understands that the comprehension of a teacher’s behavior, student motivation is vital to our country. The effect teachers have on students are the key to a well profound understanding of what’s ahead, the completion of the study and how to succeed in their life.

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