Students need to protect themselves from dangerous mental health issues

School-based stresses can weigh on students

Aubrey Garcia, Columnist

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A school is a place where students go to gain knowledge and prepare them for their future. This we can all somewhat agree on. However, has anyone wondered, “At what cost?” How is school impacting the mental health of students?

Students have generally seven classes in one day, five days a week. Each class gives multiple assignments such as homework, papers, tests, quizzes, projects, reports – the list goes on and on. Not only are students overwhelmed with assignments, but students are pressured with maintaining a certain GPA and letter grade for each class. As a result of these demands, more and more students are being treated for mental disorders, as well as depression.

The anxiety is also geared towards the stress of life for students. For example, striving for that perfect SAT score, doing as many clubs, volunteer work, and extra online classes as you can in the hopes of making it into your dream college –  the pressures could make a student fail or crack at any given moment.

Not only are students swamped with work and graduation requirements, but they are also tasked with following rules and regulations, as well as upholding absence or dress code policies and violations. If any of the above occur, students are disciplined, which may result in being absent in class on certain days. This creates extra stress for students.

Many students are holding themselves together by the strings of their earbuds just trying to succeed and go through the motions that the education system and society have laid out for them. “School, college, career…” This is drilled into the minds of students from the very beginning causing them to feel trapped. As though their future can only have one layout, which in many cases leads them to fall into a depression.

School, we know has many great opportunities for students, however, we need to change our focus to the negative impact it has on the minds of the ones who matter. The students.

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