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Scholarships not just for Seniors

Angelique Cuadrado, Reporter

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It is never too early to start looking for scholarships to enroll in college. Many people think that the students will have to wait until their senior year to apply for scholarships, but they can start applying as early as their freshman year. There are a variety of different, weird, exciting scholarships that students can apply to. There are a variety of different websites and scholarships that they will be able to apply to.

There is a website called “Naviance” that Poinciana has provided for the students in classlink. The way they get to the scholarships is on the top right corner, look for the tab “colleges,” and click on it. After the students click on it there will be a tab that says “scholarships and money;” click on it. Then, they will click on one of the tabs that they feel is right for them. Then they will look for the scholarships that interest the students. For freshman there are scholarships such as “Annual Fruit Shoot Photo Contest,” “Don’t Text and Drive Scholarships,” and “Fitness Fixation Annual Scholarship.” Sophomores can apply to scholarships such as “AfterCollege Nursing Scholarship,” “BEF General Academic Scholarship,” and “Camera Runner Photography Scholarship.” Then, the Juniors will be able to apply to scholarships such as “Bank of America Student Leaders program,” “C.I.P Scholarship” If the students want to know what the different type of scholarships that they offer, then they will have to go to their website and look further into them.

If the students go to “” there will be many more scholarships for them to choose from. This website will have them enter what their current GPA is, what grade they are in, and all the basic information they will need to help them out. After they have set up their account, it will show them scholarships that they think the students will be interested in. From there they can look at all the scholarships and choose which ones the students are most intrigued in.

When the students sign up for the website “;” there will be a three-step process that they will have to take. This website will ask the students a lot of information to get to know them better to give the students the scholarships that they think will suit them. There are scholarships such as “We The Students Contest,” “National Students Poets program,” and “Students of the Year Award.” This web site has so many different scholarships to choose from.

“Niche” is a website that students can sign up for to get scholarships… the one good thing about this is that the students can get $2,000 just by signing up. Just like the other websites the students will make an account. This website has to offer scholarships such as “$5,000 Education Matters Scholarships,” “$1,000 GoodWall Scholarship,” and “Foot Locker Scholar Athletes.

It is better for the students to start applying for college before it’s too late. Many students will think that they have enough time to do it their senior year, but they will be busy working, planning, and finishing all their classes so they can graduate. It is better to start early, then to start too late and freak out on whether they will be able to get their FAFSA… or any other application in on time to get the expenses for college knocked down. Apply to get your scholarships now before it’s too late.

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Scholarships not just for Seniors