Florida Virtual School a helpful alternative

Aubrey Garcia, Reporter

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Florida Virtual School is a resource that more and more students are taking advantage of. The online education service allows for all high school and middle school students to take needed classes to graduate free of charge. Even with the online schooling, students are able to attend their regular high school and middle school and still take a maximum of three individual courses.

The site offers courses that students can take at their own pace. Students can go as slow or quickly as they want. Many students take courses for grade recovery to bring up their GPA for the upcoming year or for college readiness. Some students take class after class to rack up credits for early graduation, and others do it to fulfill the one online class graduation requirement.

Florida Virtual School also offers full-time attendance. To students who prefer the “your own pace” method, you are placed into the specific classes needed for graduation and you are able to work to complete these courses in the comfort of your home – or even bed.

Although Florida Virtual School goes by a “your pace” policy, students must work diligently to turn in assignments and complete lessons. In most cases, students are required to turn in 1-2 assignments a week for each class you take.

In order to be placed in a course of your choice, you must get approved by your physical school counselor or Florida Virtual School itself, be assigned to a teacher, and take part in a parent-student phone call within your assigned teacher. During this call, your teacher will tell you the requirements and expectations for the course. They will also explain how the website is set up and how to navigate your account. Finally, they will explain when you can contact them and how.

Florida Virtual School is there for the convenience of students and for others who need grade recovery for a failed class. If this is the case, FVS may be the solution for you.

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