SONIC – Boom or Bust?

Vianna Lee, Reporter

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The second Birds Words of the year focuses on the new fast food player in town. Is a new burger joint needed in Poinciana?

Madison Laskey Freshman

“It’s pretty cool. It’s different than all the other fast food restaurants. They get to skate while they deliver the food and they have different varieties of drinks.”

Rachel Carcamo Freshman

“I feel good that it’s opening. It’s a good idea and it’s great that they brought it to Poinciana. I feel excited.”

Zariah Reid Sophomore

“I’ve never been to Sonic before, but since there is a new one I might try it out.”

Leani Figueroa Freshman

“I love their slushies and milkshakes.”

Jayle Ramos Freshman

“I feel happy because I’m probably going to be there 24/7.”

Jaleina Torres Freshman

“I’m kinda excited, because I never really go to Sonic. There is not any around where I’m at, but I guess it’s a cool change. It doesn’t really affect anything.”



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