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Staying Positive in a Social World

The dangers of social media are out there. Here's how to cope.

Johvan Merilus, Columnist

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The primary function of social media is one of a tool to where people can connect, share pictures and overall have an interactive experience. But social media has a dark side as well. A version where platforms can be used as a weapon to try and tear others down.

Now, don’t worry. This article is not going to be another discussion about social media being perceived as a negative source of content. Instead, it is about how to keep one’s head above all the negativity, keep moving and ignore the ignorant things been shown across the digital world. As an adolescent, the pressures along with negative material being spoken of, or aimed at a particular person, can create controversy. Many, however, have ways of getting over it and reassuring confidence.

There have been times that social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, have been used by certain individuals to target and attack particular people. It’s not primarily about the content being used to address the person, but rather how do you deal with the situation when it’s something that is publicly shown.

“If you’re the one being attacked, tell an adult or administrator if it’s becoming a serious issue, or either report or block the person,” said sophomore Alissa Santana. “If it’s someone else, ask the person if they are OK because you never know what someone might be going through inside, even If you don’t know them in a social way.

“This is a good method commonly used to when things like this are occurring and even though it may sometimes be difficult to show courage but you must remember everyone is unique in their own way.”

In life, you have to be able to see things in yourself others are not willing to see. As a generation, we pride ourselves in knowing things that we have not yet experienced or don’t fully understand. We can’t be scared to believe in ourselves when others post or tag us in such things which makes people seem stupid or unimportant.

Above all, we can’t allow each other to be dragged down or encourage this reckless act. When you’re being harassed or bullied on social media, one of the best things to do is to sit back and reflect on the things you hold dear and the personal traits that draw people into liking you. You just have to be focused on the one thing that matters and that’s yourself. No one can ever take away your confidence unless you give in. Everyone is somebody and everyone means something in this world.

In order to stay positive, you must always keep yourself on top by reminding the good things about yourself. Nothing is ever going to be easy when a conflict in social media is involved but you have to persevere by not showing any insecurity or weakness. The best thing is to walk away and remember you’re the person who can make a difference by showing your confidence.

Don’t give in and be the role model who got through it and stands tall to walk another day.

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Staying Positive in a Social World