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What Would You Do If You Were In The Purge?

May 7, 2018

Junior Mohammed Smith
“I would go to President Trump’s house and burn it down. Why would I do that? Because I just love him.”


Freshman Ivan Figueroa
“I would camp out at a place with a food and water stash and a pile of weapons to defend myself. I’m coming out of there alive.”


Senior Maia Neves
“If I was in the purge, I would rob the student financial aid building and get all the money for only me. Then, I might just have to save the whales at Sea World before being brutally murdered on the spot.”


Senior Nino James
“I would nuke Canada because Canadians are too nice. They need a taste of reality.”


Freshman Stone Mwaki
“I’ll run out and attempt to build a monster truck, which will be the place where I’ll hide in. It will defend me against intruders. Trust me, no one will get in.”


Freshman Jeanmuel Gonzalez
“I would attempt to steal all the candy from Walmart or any type of candy store. I have an obsession with sweets.”


Senior Katelyn Laskey
“I love corgis, so I would steal a bunch of those dogs. Also, I would grab a lot of dog toys and food from the pet store.”


Senior Dayna Foster
“I would rob a bank and buy a lot of guns to protect myself – ironically enough, I support gun control – just in case people try to rob me back.”


Sophomore Joshua Mered
“I would run as fast as I could, grab a lot of supplies, and go to my mom.”


Junior Kenneth Jackson
“I would seek asylum in an underground home. I’m not risking my survival outside.”

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