Black History Month Performances Wow School Community

March 8, 2018

Poinciana students, faculty and staff gathered in the auditorium on Monday to view an event celebrating black history month.

An event that was put on by the Beta Club – the organization that was in charge of it last year.

On an early day schedule, the event happened after seventh period and ended at regular day dismissal.

It showcased the significance and history of the African American and black community through student performances such as speeches, poems, dances, band performances, and singing.

“The performances were amazing,” said senior Early Wims. “I attended these black history month events since my freshman year at Poinciana and enjoyed them every time, but this one hit the nail right on the head.”

School organizations performed many of the acts including band, step team and chorus.

A few students were able to sing solo during the event.

A favorite for junior Jordyn Calderon was the cultural dance the step team performed.

“Everyone in the audience was really hyped up during the step team’s performance,” said Calderon. “I felt like the event really came alive then.”

On the other hand, the audience would hold up their cell phones and wave them through the air with their flashlights on to create a sentimental atmosphere when the mood got serious or heartfelt.

“I am very proud of what the performers came up with in such a little amount time,” said Karla Rodriguez, who is a biology teacher and the sponsor of the Beta Club.

Rodriguez was in charge of last year’s black history month activities and said there was less time to organize and come up with themes this year.

Despite the obstacles, Rodriguez said all the hard work they put in was worth it.

Students were not the only ones that saw the effort and passion the performers showed, teachers did too.

“The performers really worked hard to put on an amazing show,” said Aubrey Runnels. “As a history teacher, it’s always great to see history come alive.”

Photo gallery below. 

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