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Student Excited to Be Adopted

‘My Last Name has Always been ‘Jackson,’ but in my heart, I’m a ‘Cruz’.’

February 5, 2018

For the past 17 years my last name has been Jackson, but in three months my last name will change and will officially be “Destiny Cruz”.

The last name I now carry is not the name I identify with. In my heart I have been a “Cruz” for many many years.

The man who has showed me how to love, dream and become the young woman I am today will adopt me in March.

His name is Alex Cruz and he entered my life 10 years ago when he began dating my mother.

The man I call my father and the blended family we became helped me break out of my shell and become more confident than I have ever been as a human being.

When I was young, I was shy and timid. I was afraid to talk to anyone because I was afraid no one would like me.

I never had a great relationship with my biological father. We didn’t see eye-to-eye and I didn’t like the way he treated my mother and two brothers.

I was seven at the time of my parent’s divorce and even though I didn’t realize it then, their divorce was the best thing that could have happened for us.

Not too long after the divorce my mother met Alex at her job and the two started arranging play dates between myself and Miranda, one of Alex’s daughters. Miranda was seven at the time.

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Sisters Destiny Cruz (left) and Miranda Cruz pose for a selfie. The two are not only sisters but best friends.

After only a week, Miranda and I decided we were going to be sisters for the rest of our lives.

I never realized that our parents started dating, but I always found it cool that when I went for sleepovers with Miranda that my mom stayed too.

Alex treated me and my siblings as his own and taught life lessons that we have never encountered before.

Two years later was when it all became official – they married!

The whole Cruz family accepted me with open arms.

I could have never felt more at home.

Around sixth grade is when my biological father cut communications. It was a really hard time for me as I felt unwanted and alone but Alex was quick to step in and fill the void. He became more of a father then I have ever known.

Now that I am almost 18 years old, I want to make it official.

The entire family is on board and excited. Even though we don’t categorize each other as “half” or “step”, I’m excited to officially become Destiny Cruz.

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