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My Vegan Life

Kali Ortiz, Reporter

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About a year ago, I made a decision that would change my life forever and it made me a better person.

I became a vegan.

Veganism is a lifestyle in which someone refrains from eating all animal products.

My mom inspired me to go vegan.

She always told me, “Once you know better, you do better.”

And what I know cannot be ignored.

I used to eat burgers and chicken nuggets and not feel a thing because I never made the connection.

To most people, the turkey and cheese on a sandwich is just turkey and cheese.

What they may not know is the pain and suffering animals go through.

More than 99 percent of animals that are raised on factory farms are focused on profit and efficiency. This means animals are not looked at as a living thing, but as a product.

Health and happiness mean nothing to the greedy people of the meat and dairy industry.

Female cows, pigs and turkeys are routinely raped, their bodies violated through artificial insemination.

Immediately after the babies are born, they are ripped away from their mothers to suffer the same horrific existence as their mother.

Her life amounting to nothing, but a source of milk for humans.

Once she is no longer useful, slaughter faces her.

Lives cut short with nothing to remember, but physical and emotional pain.

The animals are often stuffed into small confined places with little to no room to move.

They are covered in their own feces and surrounded by bugs and disease.

This is not a life worth living. And not the kind of food you want inside your body.

Meat and dairy products are known to increase higher chances of heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Options like vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and seeds give me the proper protein so that meat isn’t a necessity.

Veganism is looking at the bigger picture, considering all the animal abuse.

Not just in food but in what you wear and the products you use on your body.

Those leather shoes and jackets you wear were once an innocent animal, who was forced to go into a slaughterhouse and be skinned alive.

Could you sleep at night if this was your dog or cat?

Why is it that society conditioned us to believe these animals are different when in fact they are all the same and should be treated with the same love as your pets.

The famous biologist, Charles Darwin, often talked about the feelings of animals.

“There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness and misery,” he said.

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One Response to “My Vegan Life”

  1. Stephen Darago on January 31st, 2018 4:57 PM

    I am encouraged by the content in this article. Ms. Ortiz has written a though provoking commentary. As a vegetarian that often eats vegan, I applaud her efforts to direct attention to this important issue. Perhaps a Vegan/Vegetarian/Pescatarian student club on campus is the next step? I salute you Ms. Ortiz!

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