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What Grade Do You Give President Trump?

Kali Ortiz, Reporter

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                                                 Senior Alyssa Roldan
” I would give Trump an “F”. The man screws everything up and he’s racist. I don’t know why he’s still in office, to be honest.”


                                                 Senior Madelyn Martinez
“I would give Trump a “D” because my mom says a “D” stands for “dummy”. “

                                           Sophomore Brandell Etienne
“I would give him a “C” because he has done some good in my opinion, but he really needs to work on his public relations. The main reason people don’t like him is because he’s rough around the edges. “

                                     Sophomore Haley Vasquez
“I would give him a “D” because he hasn’t been doing the things he said he would do when he was running for office.”

                                                    Junior Vere Cruz
“I would give Trump a “B” due to the fact that he didn’t do anything wrong. Most people only hate him because they jump on the bandwagon of false statements.”

                                          Freshman Jeremy Devries
“I would give him a “B” because even though it doesn’t look like he’s doing anything, I have seen a change since he’s been in office. “

                                       Sophomore Chaze Bezmen
“I give him an “A+”. He’s doing everything from a reasonable perspective and from a businessman point of view and has done everything he’s promised. If I was 18, I would have voted for him. He doesn’t always say the right things, but he has the right idea. “

                                       Senior Jason Rodriguez
“I would give him a “D-” because he owns all these houses and isn’t passing anything useful or anything people can agree on. He tweets more than most teens and goes on vacation too often.”

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What Grade Do You Give President Trump?