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Senior Class Pres. Is On A Mission

She Wants the Class of 2018 To Leave a Mark

November 20, 2017

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Senior Class Pres. Is On A Mission

Arthur Welch

The Point sits down with senior class president, Brinkley Brenneman, to see what makes her tick and what drives her and what plans she has in store for the senior class this year.


Name: Brinkley Brenneman
Age: 17
Birthday: Jan. 3, 2000

THE POINT: Do you have a job?

BRENNEMAN: I do. I work at Twistee Treat.

THE POINT: What’s your favorite color?


THE POINT: What kind of hobbies do you do outside of school?

BRENNEMAN: Well, I cheer. I’m the president of the senior class, and I work.

THE POINT: Most embarrassing moment?

BRENNEMAN: When I was in third grade, my friend and I were in a tree house. I had a phone, but I dropped it and we were stuck in there for hours. We were both laughing really hard at the situation, and my friend ended up peeing on my leg. Eventually, her mom realized we were gone for too long and came to save us.

THE POINT: Favorite music genre?

BRENNEMAN: I like almost everything besides country and heavy metal, or anything like that.

THE POINT: What’s your latest TV show binge?

BRENNEMAN: The Bold Type. It’s about this group of friends that remind me a lot of my own best friends. Each character brings their own trait to the table. There’s Sutton, who’s a fashionista, which is me. There’s the one that’s curious about the world, which is Jessica. Then there’s the smart, political one, which is Amber.

THE POINT: Who inspires you the most?

BRENNEMAN: My mom. She has really high expectations of me, and I want to live up to them.

THE POINT: Who is your favorite teacher?

BRENNEMAN: Mr. Ramjisingh. He’s the most amazing teacher that I’ve ever had. He’s the only teacher to continually push me to my limits and makes me want to try my best. He also gives out these little personalized cards for each student he has, which I think is so sweet. My favorite one I got said, “Congratulations for getting an A in semester 1.” I still have all the ones he gave me.

THE POINT: I’ve heard you’ve taken culinary all four years of high school. Do you have a favorite dish you like to prepare?

BRENNEMAN: I make some pretty good chocolate chip cookies, so I’d say either that or ham and cheese puffs.

THE POINT: Can you tell us about your cheerleading accomplishments?

BRENNEMAN: I was finally nominated for co-captain, so I’m really excited about that. I’ve never been a captain before, and I’m not sure why. I’ve been a cheerleader since I was in the sixth grade. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do forever.

THE POINT: You’re in two leadership positions as the co-captain of the cheerleading squad and the senior class president. As someone in a leadership role, what does leadership mean to you?

BRENNEMAN: It’s all about compromise. You cannot just be a dictator. You have to hear everyone’s opinions and keep people happy because, as a leader, the last thing you want is for problems to start.

THE POINT: Why are you so engaged with student government? Do you have any interest in politics?

BRENNEMAN: Well, not really. It’s just that, when I came here there was very little student participation. My brother goes to Osceola High, which is the opposite situation. I just really wanted to boost school spirit.

THE POINT: Now that you’re in your fourth year of student government, do you feel that you’ve had an impact on the student participation?

BRENNEMAN: It’s definitely improved since I’ve been here. More homecoming tickets have been sold than ever before, and we have a lot of plans as well. We’re just really excited for this year.

THE POINT: What other plans do you have for the school?

BRENNEMAN: I haven’t talked to Meechin about this yet, but my next plan to improve the school participation is focused on the students showing up to our sports games.

The premise is that each quarter of the year, a subject is assigned. For example, let’s say English for the first quarter. If a student goes to the game, takes a selfie with the scoreboard, and shows their teacher, they can get a homework pass, or a piece of candy. Just some type of reward.

Then the subjects will cycle out throughout the year.
Also, we want to have a spirit section for the crowd.

THE POINT: What plans do you have after high school?

BRENNEMAN: Hopefully I can get into Florida State, but in case I can’t, my backup is Florida Gulf Coast. I’m going to major in education because I want to be a dean, but I have to teach for three years first.

THE POINT: Why do you want to be a dean?

BRENNEMAN:: Honestly, I just love Ms. Santiago. Even though she’s the assistant principal and not a dean. She’s another one of my inspirations. I just love her personality.

THE POINT: Any advice you have for underclassmen?

BRENNEMAN: Stay on top of your grades, and do not wait until last minute. I know that people say that kind of thing all the time, but all your grades count.

College applications won’t care whether you got an 81% or an 89%, all they see is a B. It’s always important to do the best you can and strive for that A. Also, do Khan Academy. Like, a lot.

File Photo
Senior Brinkley Brenneman (in white) manages a pie eating booth at the 2016 fall festival for student government with other seniors, (from left) Maia Neves, Jessica Martinez and Isaiah Govender. Brenneman has been voted the class president every year at Poinciana.

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