Excitement Grows for Teachers and Students as New Building Takes Shape

April 19, 2017

A two-story building will be added to Poinciana’s campus next year.

The building will include 20 classrooms with 10 rooms on each floor. The classrooms will be standard size and will also feature science labs.

The inside of the new building will feature one long hallway that will have classrooms on each side.

The building is expected to hold around 400 students.

It will be home to science classes and multiple Career and Technical Education classes, such as health science, engineering and more.

The CTE classes will be built with garage doors so large items are able to fit through the entrances.

Health science teacher Kristy Egg and engineering teacher Juan Tovar have already received the confirmation that they can start teaching in the new building next year.

“I’m looking forward to expanding my program and incorporating even more STEM curriculum in my program,” Egg said.

The acronym STEM, refers to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The building has been under construction since January and is expected to be completed by early July.

The construction crew steps foot on Poinciana’s campus about an hour before the first student arrives. And they only have one day off every week.

Workers are using a ladder to reach the second floor.


“We work six days a week from Monday to Saturday,” said Darrell Johnson, who is the project superintendent of the construction site and clocks around twelve hours a day. “I usually arrive around 6 a.m. and leave around 6 p.m.”

For most people working out in the sun for 12 hours is a nightmare, but for electrician Eric Green, it’s paradise.

“I would rather be outside doing something than be cooped up in an office all day,” Green said.

Electrician, Eric Green, and fellow construction worker are currently working on the side of the building.

Along with the new building, a restaurant will be built that will be attached to the culinary department.

The culinary program will include a high-end restaurant with a gourmet menu and a large industrial kitchen.

This is not the only change to come. The construction program will receive a face lift too.

Previous storage space to be converted to restaurant.


A classroom will be adjoined to the shop.

Assistant Principal Stephen Darago is over facilities for Poinciana High School.

“Many other schools have received new buildings and renovations,” Darago said. “It’s about time Poinciana got their turn.”


Project superintendent Darrell Johnson and Assistant Principal Stephen Darago are standing on the construction site.





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