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Students Excel In Career Education Classes

June 28, 2015

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preparing for interviews. “Statistics show that people make up their minds about others within .2 seconds of looking at them,” said Lopez, who is also a hiring manager. When Calcano, 16, walked in to the waiting room, his eyes were immediately drawn to the people who were dressed poorly since “about 95 percent of the possible candidates were dressed nice,” Calcano says. When preparing, you should aim to dress like the industry you are interviewing for. If you want to get a job at Chili’s, you might not wear an apron and chef hat to the interview, but you would wear something formal. An ideal outfit for men would be nice pants such as slacks and a button down shirt. Ties are optional, but if you’re interviewing for a place that is on the higher end, you should definitely wear one with a suit jacket. “Men should wear nice church-going shoes. Nothing as far as a sandals or slides,” Lopez said. As for women, Lopez offered this advice, “If you can walk in to a club, you are not dressed for an interview.” This means that women should stay away from tight dresses and high heels, no matter how cute they look. An ideal outfit for women would be a dressy top, but nothing that exposes the shoulders. If your shoulders are exposed, wear a solid color cardigan on top to make the look more professional. As for the bottoms, nice pants or skirts are preferred. Bottoms should fit well, not baggy or tight. If you do opt for a skirt or dress, make sure it’s not too short. You can see if it’s too short by checking the length when standing. The bottom of the fabric should touch your knees while standing. These are basic guidelines to follow though, and you shouldn’t let them restrict you. If you are aiming for a job in the creative field, you have more freedom in your attire. “In those cases, you can get a little more creative with your interview wear,” Lopez says. Gentlemen can do this by using a cool patterned tie instead of a solid color or even wearing bright colored socks to show creativity but still keep the look professional enough. Women can also stray from the traditional grey and brown pallets of interview clothes and aim for brighter colors or dresses that have stylish, but still professional, cuts in them. The last thing to remember is that your shoes also can affect your interview. “I once had a manager tell me that the first thing he looks at when interviewing people is their shoes. If they were scuffed up and nasty, then he would automatically know that the interview did not mean much to them but if someone took the time to clean or buy new shoes, then it means a lot to them,” Lopez says. Dressing for an interview can be costly though. Instead of going to high end stores, try going to stores like TjMaxx or Marshalls and iron the clothes before the interview. For Poinciana High School students, Ms. Lopez is beginning a closet in her room for students who do not have the resources to get interview clothes. “Teachers and faculty, as well as students or community members, can donate their business clothing to the school so that if a student is going for an interview and needs a blazer or a nice pair of shoes, they can borrow it from here,” Lopez said. For students interested in donating or borrowing clothes, feel free to contact Lopez for more details. – See more at:

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